Hello, I'm Merve, a product designer with a focus on user research & interaction design.

I care about empowering people in their daily lives. I value teamwork grounded in empathy and collective creativity, and I embrace personal growth through exploration.

Over 7+ years as a lead UX & UI designer for Venture Media, a tech incubator, I have shipped web and mobile apps in a variety of industries including logistics, e-commerce and domains.

I am currently a product designer at Copperleaf Technologies.

Case Studies

Chit Chats

A streamlined shipping platform for Canadian e-commerce businesses

Jan 2017-Present, Logistics and postal service

Chit Chats is a postal service company helping Canadian entrepreneurs grow their markets through low-cost shipping. The web app allows clients to integrate with their online stores, quote and buy postage, and create and track shipments.

Competitive audit, surveys, UX/UI design, user testing
Competitive audit, surveys, UX/UI design
User & stakeholder interviews, data analysis, UX/UI design, video tutorials
User & stakeholder interviews, journey mapping, UX design

Select projects


A Brand-as-a-Service platform for entrepreneurs and domain owners

Oct 2016 - Dec 2017, Domain name registrar

Venture connects great domains to great ideas. The web app provides a straightforward leasing experience, allowing domain lessees and owners to enter into lease agreements and manage payments. 


Domain lease application flow

Designed a lease application flow which gathered lessee information, including intended domain use; presented the lease rate and payment schedule; and outlined the lease terms and conditions.

Admin portal for domain owners

Designed an admin portal which allowed domain owners to manage their portfolios; view active leases and payment schedules; and approve/decline pending lease applications.


A custom apparel platform for online marketers

Jan 2015 - Oct 2016, E-commerce and online marketing

Canvus helped online marketers create and manage campaigns to sell custom apparel. The web app provided easy-to-use campaign management tools and a dashboard to clearly communicate results data.


Campaign wizard and marketer dashboard

Designed a campaign creation flow, which included a dynamic design editor, as well as a comprehensive marketer dashboard.

Storefront template and checkout flow

Designed a public storefront template and checkout flow, with a focus on maximizing conversions through A/B testing.


A one-stop shop for Black Friday flyers and deals

Feb 2012 - Jan 2015, E-commerce and affiliate marketing

BlackFriday.com provides consumers with flyers and deals related to the annual sales event. The content-heavy site is supported by an internal portal and content management tools to ensure workflow efficiency.


Content management portal

Redesigned the internal admin portal to improve navigation through, and management of, stores, sale events, products, and articles.

Flyer mapping tool

Streamlined the flyer creation workflow, including a product mapping tool, saving significant time and effort on data entry.

Black Friday Shopping iOS and Android apps

Designed native mobile apps which allowed users to browse flyers, conduct advanced searches, and favourite both stores and deals.

Mobile Apps

iOS apps I've worked on over the years

Mar 2013 - May 2015
UX/UI design, logo and app icon design

Intune allows music lovers to learn and play their favourite songs on the piano. Key features include auto-scrolling, midi-playback, and the Intune sheet music store.

UX/UI design, logo and app icon design

MyBible is a social Bible app which helps users keep track of their daily readings, bookmarks, highlights and notes, all of which can be shared with friends.

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