Tools for high-volume clients


Automate aspects of the shipment process to avoid repetitive actions for high-volume clients.


Bulk editing and shipping presets features have supported Chit Chats' ability to target high-volume clients.


Lead designer

Competitive audit, surveys, UX/UI design

Aug 2017-Dec 2017, May 2018-Oct 2018



The scalability of the business demanded extensive automation of the manual workflows, especially for clients shipping more than 200 packages per month.

Surveys indicated that high-volume clients tended to have shipments with similar characteristics, so creating and editing shipments one-by-one was very repetitive. These clients would benefit from tools to automate the shipment process, including advanced import features.

A key element of our plan for high-volume tools was a bulk editing feature, which would allow users to edit multiple shipments at the same time.

Integration and bulk edit feature survey documents


Initially, I designed a bulk edit flow that was accessed from the client dashboard. However, discussions with the development team revealed that this would be very high-effort due to technical restraints related to validation of package/postage combinations and error handling. Given our team’s time and resource constraints, we needed a different approach.

After discussions around technical feasibility, we decided to incorporate the bulk editing feature into the existing import flow. Most high-volume users imported their shipments and we would be able to leverage the existing “last import results” view to communicate errors.

User views available orders and selects shipments to edit in bulk
User views editable fields for selected shipments
User edits the fields they'd like to update the shipment information for and saves edits
User proceeds with import and is able to review errors on import details page

The bulk edit flow paved the way for implementing another key high-volume tool - shipping presets. This allowed users to save sets of edits to apply to future shipments for further efficiency.

From account settings, user creates a new shipping preset
User gives a name to the shipping preset and edits shipment information
User saves the shipping preset after completing their edits
User can create many shipping presets and access these presets during import editing


After rolling out the bulk editing and shipping presets features, Chit Chats transitioned existing high-volume clients to the new platform in the second half of 2018. These features have supported Chit Chats' ability to target high-volume clients.

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