Onboarding overhaul


Streamline the sign-up flow while emphasizing customs compliance.


The redesigned flow has a conversion rate of approximately 80% and has improved customs compliance communication across other channels.


Lead designer

User & stakeholder interviews, data analysis, UX/UI design, video tutorials

Jul 2018-Oct 2018, June 2019



A year into the Chit Chats project, we turned our attention to the sign-up and onboarding process. My research revealed two main issues with the existing approach:

  1. Users did not discover eligibility up-front. After going through the sign-up process and provide their personal information, some clients would discover that their products were ineligible for shipment with Chit Chats.
  2. Disjointed user flow killed momentum. After signing up, users would have to verify their email and phone number. Then, when accessing their dashboard for the first time, they faced a series of multiple-choice questions to teach them about customs compliance.

Since Chit Chats’ business depends on maintaining good relations with the U.S. Customs Border Protection, ensuring customs compliance was crucial. This meant a comprehensive sign-up flow was required.

Early concept for the revised onboarding flow


My review of users’ multiple-choice responses did not indicate the flow was helping users learn and user interviews indicated a preference for a straightforward list of requirements. Based on these results, we decided to move away from this approach. However, by reviewing incorrect answers to the questions, I was able to identify two key problem topics - prohibited items and maximum retail value.


I designed a user flow where users had to acknowledge the rules in these areas before proceeding to the rest of the sign-up. This communicated our rules clearly and early, ensuring users would also learn if they are ineligible before going through the sign-up process. Reducing the amount of personal information collected up-front was not an option given customs compliance requirements, so I adopted a flow that incorporated a series of low-effort steps to alter users’ perception of time.

High-fi flow chart for the revised onboarding flow
Brand illustrations draw better attention to customs compliance
Welcome page when new client creates an account

I also worked with our communications manager and graphic designer to develop a series of video tutorials to support clients through the onboarding process. I recorded and edited each video, including the motion graphics.



The unified onboarding flow has a completion rate of approximately 80% while also qualifying leads. My research encouraged other teams to communicate customs compliance requirements simply and clearly across other channels, including branch posters and email campaigns.

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Competitive audit, surveys, UX/UI design, user testing
Competitive audit, surveys, UX/UI design
User & stakeholder interviews, journey mapping, UX design

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